21 st century-century of the technologies of Renewable energy sources


Bacteria at work !

The most ecologically clean fuel is hydrogen.

With its combustion is obtained only .water!

Neither its obtaining or transport and storage are easy to be implemented.

Many laboratories are developing technologies for obtaining huge amounts of hydrogen in accordance with the forecast , that soon it will get the main source of fuel for industry.

Scholars from the Pensilvanian University have found a way to induce the bacteria to produce hydrogen of biomass.

Four times more than with fermentation!!!

And no matter what the content of the biomass is.

The microbe fuel cells elaborate hydrogen of every dissolved organic substance- industrial, public and agricultural waste. Simultaneously waste water is purified!!

The development is called Microbe production of hydrogen, accelerated with electrochemical methods. The amount of elaborated hydrogen is directly depending on the fermentation barrier. When applying low powered electrical discharges in the range of 0,25 volts , bacteria continue working till the moment of the total decomposition of the biomass to hydrogen and very small amounts of carbon dioxide.

In the experiments are used strains bacteria, designed especially for purifying of waste waters. When access of oxygen is prevented and electrical discharge is added, bacteria start elaborating hydrogen.