Technologies for biomass use

Biomass is a primary energy source, that has plant or livestock origin agricultural crops, waste products, wood waste products, food waste products, solid domestic waste products etc.

For the production of electro energy three major technologies are used: the pressing of biomass for direct combustion, the extraction of plant oil for biodiesel, obtaining biogas through thermo chemical methods and biological transformation and extracting hydrogen for a biomass-microbe fuel cells. The technologies that use gasification and pirolise include intermediate thermo chemical processes and they can used in gas turbines, combined cycles and fuel elements for electric energy production.

The resources for biomass, as well as their assimilation are determined by the topography and physical geography of a region.

Biological and plant waste products use has been known since antiquity. For example, during the fermentation of livestock manure a great amount of methane is released. This gas is significant in causing the greenhouse effect and is 30 times more harmful than, that of CO2.



Biomass in my enterprise?

Answer the following questions:

Do you produce wood or agricultural waste products from the activities in your enterprise?

Do you have the opportunity to buy in raw material from neighboring company?

Are the heating costs in your company high?

If the answer is yes to the above questions, then biomass is an appropriate and viable energy solution for your company.

The next steps will help you decide which technSology is suitable for your company:

According to the type of accessible biomass:

If you have biomass of plant origin-agricultural waste products (straw, stems and etc.) and wood waste products, the most appropriate technology for you is the pressing of biomass into eco coals or pellets for direct combustion.

If you have oil-yielding plants, such as sunflower or rapeseed it is recommend that you extract plant oil for bio-ethanol or bio diesel production.

If you have access to organic waste products or manure then by using a bioreactor for biogas production or by hydrogen extraction through microbe fuel cells Biogas can by produced to use as a fuel.