Financial evaluation-biomass

The main factor, that has an influence on profitableness of the project for biomass use is the proximity of material source. The existing infrastructures and the presence of consumers near the installation also have influence.
The capital costs (price of investment) for construction of installation for utilization of biomass varies depending on the kind of installation, size, local restrictions for emissions of harmful gases in the atmosphere, the equipment supplier, interest rates, the number of trained staff, etc.
Operative costs also vary, depending on the price of biogas, price of transport, etc.

Factors that inflence the profitability of the project:

- Are there local taxes levied on greenhouse gas emissions that have to be paid? For example in England there is a tax related to the companys emissions.
- Are there direct or indirect subsidies available in your region to encourage the use of RES?
- Is it possible to sell the excess electricity and heat energy (That which exceeds the companys demand)? That will also depend on the selected technology.
- Do you have enough financial resources and can you get long-term credit at preferential conditions?
- Are there subsidies and other kinds of funding available that can be granted and can you create partnership in order to receive them?
- Can you take part in the trade of green certificates?