Environmental benefits

Preserving the environment for the future is a concern for everyone. For that purpose international standards for conservation of air, water and soil have been established. Climatic change, caused by the human activity are reality now. Incorporating RES technologies in an COMPANY for biomass use will contribute to:

- Reduction in the use of fossil fuels.
Production of fossil fuel energy is the main cause of pollution - gases, causing the greenhouse effect and waste products which pollute the soil and water.

- Decreasing the emissions of methane, CO2, nitrogen combinations and other gases, causing the greenhouse effect.
The increase of biomass for energy will reduce methane release in the atmosphere. Methane has 30 times more effect on global warming than CO2.

- Reduction in earth and subsoil water pollution.
Waste-water is a more constant and envisaged product, in comparison with untreated natural manure. The higher ammonia content enables the easier use and absorption by the plants. The correct treatment of waste-water decreases the possibility of polluting earth and subsoil waters.

- Reduction of problems, connected with waste products.
The risk of disease and the problems of cultivation, caused by waste straw result in higher costs for farming.

- Waste from the biomass production can be used for soil fertilization.
This reduces the demand for chemical fertilizers.

- Reducing the occurrence of offensive companylls.
The problem of offensive companylls by overburdened or poorly maintained storage on farms can be solved by transforming volatile organic acids into biogas.