Economic potential


Incorporating a technology for utilization of wind energy in SME has the following advantages:

•  The purchase price of wind electro energy is higher than the price of conventional energy sources energy.

In each European country there are preferences for buying devices and purchase of electric energy, generated by wind generators. So that, its generation turns into a profitable business.

•  Low operation expenditures for SME.

With the contemporary, quite automated technologies, the major expenditures are for maintenance staff. That results in a shorter period of payback of the established investments. The generated electricity can be used near the place, where it was generated and in this way will be reduced the losses about distribution and transportation, which is typical for great power stations.

•  Wind is a free and inexhaustible energy source.


•  A short term for incorporating in SME.

Wind generators are easy to be installed, and it could take them up to 2 months to start operating.


•  Wind farms cause minimal risk to the energy system

When there is a technical damage, their comparatively small size does not cause enormous industrial consequences (unlike great HPS and NPS).


•  Wind energy is appropriate for isolated remote sites

The combined systems wind generators with PHV systems, conjunct the advantages of both technologies and they can provide autonomous supply of buildings and devices, away from the grid.