Economic potential of geothermal energy




Geothermal energy is the other natural RES, apart from the Sun, and it can be used without the installation of elaborated technical devices. It literally rises from the bowels of the earth.



Economic potential


Incorporating a technology for utilization of geothermal energy in company has the following advantages:


•  Permanent source of energy

The earth core permanently produces heat, which is carried to the surface of the Earth.

There are developed technologies to assimilate this heat, no matter what the temperature of the source is (140 from a geyser or 6 to 12 from the subsoil waters and the earth layers).


•  Independent of climatic conditions

Typical example of that is Iceland , where the mean annual temperature of 4 does not affect temperature of subsoil waters and geysers.


•  Inaudible technology

During the incorporation of technology for direct heating, the pumps that are used are installed at the site of the source. That enables its application in hotels, office buildings etc.


•  Opportunity for direct use

If the geothermal source water has a temperature of over 40 degrees C, then it is suitable for direct heating. If the source (steam) has a temperature of over 140 degrees C, it is suitable for energy generating.


•  Low operation and capital costs

As the resource is free, the operation costs are for maintenance of the equipment. Capital costs for installing a geothermal system for heating are comparatively low (5000 euro for a building of 300sq. meters) and for installation for electric energy production are much lower, compared to those of PHV technology.


•  Opportunity for application in the urban environment

The efficiency of the technology earth-connected thermal pumps, make it the cheapest way for air conditioning of office and industrial buildings in towns and cities.