An algorithm for introduction of wind energy

The main steps you should undertake in the adoption process are:

  1. Assessment of the electric energy demand-that can be assessed on basis of current costs for electric energy of conventional sources.
  2. Assessment of the wind potential of the region.   
  3. Determination of the particular place, where the wind generator will be mounted.
  4. Contact with some equipment suppliers and receiving offers.
  5. Assessment of the nominal power of the wind generator in compliance   with the mean annual speed of the wind and energy demand.   
  6. Analyze offers and selection of the most appropriate kind of wind generator and supplier on basis proportion price/nominal capacity.
  7. Preparation of financial evaluation of the project- capital costs, operation costs, expected incomes and term for payback investment.
  8. Financial insurance of the project- own capital evaluation, a possibility for drawing in a credit resource, funding by national or European programs and initiatives. (See chapter 6).
  9. Creation of a project for technology adoption –construction approval, report for Evaluation on environmental effect and etc.
  10. Sign of a contract for sale of produced energy, when it exceeds the enterprise own demand.
  11. Order of the selected equipment. .
  12. Selection and sign of a contract with a company specialized in mounting and maintenance of the wind generator. (If the supplier does not do that)
  13. Training organizing for wind generator operation staff.
  14. Wind generator mounting by a specialized company.
  15. Setting probations for the wind generator.
  16. Receiving wind generator by the company for mounting and maintenance.
  17. Starting wind generator operation.





A piece of advice - small wind generators up to 10 kW nominal power can be installed unaided.


N.B!!!!! Do regular inspection and comply with the technical requirements of the company, producer of the equipment