The process for the introduction

Main steps undertaken for implementation of hydro energy project are:

  1. Assessment of the hydro energy potential of the region
  2. Determine where the hydro energy installation will be located.
  3. Contact equipment suppliers and receive estimates.
  4. Analyze estimates and select a supplier of a hydro energy equipment on the basis of cost, quality and availability of equipment .
  5. Prepare a financial evaluation of the project - capital costs, operation costs, expected incomes, and estimated profit return.
  6. Consider the financial situation and sources of funding - evaluation of own capital, soft' loans and sources for raising credit and funding or grants from national or European programs or initiatives. (See chapter 6).
  7. Sign of a contract for sale of the produced energy, when it exceeds the company's own needs.
  8. Order of the selected equipment.
  9. Select and sign a contract with a specialized company for the installation and maintenance of the hydro energy equipment(if the supplier does not do that).
  10. Installation of the hydro energy equipment by a specialized company.   



  N.B Health and safety is of paramount importance please ensure that you conduct regular inspections, including Risk Assesment and COSHH and comply with the technical requirements of the company and the manufacturer of the equipment.