My name is Helen Karagiorgou and I have an enterprise with greenhouses, where we cultivate horticultural, vegetables and seedlings, during the whole year. This is for our region requires heating, in order to cultivate all year and of this case in question as fuel we use biomass and oil.


The biomass and particularly the pomace wood and eggshell from almond that we use, are much more economic material than oil and very friendly to environment.


QUESTION:  Can you tell us the percentage of use from oil and biomass, in your company?


ANSWER:  We use 50% oil and 50% pomace wood. This happens because we cannot find biomass every moment and at any time (and of this case in question case pomace wood), in order to cover all needs of our greenhouse in heating. 


QUESTION: For example one kilo of biomass, how many calories produces?


ANSWER:  Especially one Kg of pomace wood gives 3.500 – 5000 calories; it depends from how much humidity the material has. As more humidity exists in the material, the calories are less that is used for the process. 


QUESTION:  Are you informed from the public authorities about the programs that exist for biomass or / and general renewable sources of energy?


ANSWER:  No there is not any information from the government. Ourselves, when we established our greenhouse, we interested in learning, which material we will use for the heating and also which material is more economic for our greenhouse. Afterwards we decided to use this kind of energy that we are talking about; biomass. 


QUESTION:  Do you have any technical consultant support?


ANSWER:  No, no one. Again, ourselves we are interested in finding information for the use of biomass, and until now we manage everything ourselves without a specific support. 


QUESTION:  Has be done acceptable from the society the use of biomass or in general the use of other renewable sources of energy?


ANSWER:  Yes I believe that it has become acceptable, with the problem that exists in the environment generally. The people have conceived that we should use other types of energy but the main subject is that these types of energy must be assured first. It is important the material to be assured, as so the farmer to be safe, that he can find the material, during the whole period of year, in order their cultivations or plants not to be threatened. This is one disadvantages of the use of biomass, and I believe that slowly this it might be decreased, in order the people to use this type of energy. 


QUESTION:  Are you educated for the use of biomass or you would prefer more training for the specific subject?


ANSWER:  No, I would prefer to exist more training for this specific subject, in order to be able to use apart from biomass, perhaps and other types of energy that will be equally friendly to the environment and economic for my c. 


QUESTION:  Which kind of training do you prefer to exist? 


ANSWER:  I would prefer a face to face training, in order to be able to have all the answers for the questions, which will came about during the informative course. 


QUESTION:  Would you propose an extra training for the personnel of your enterprise?


ANSWER: Yes, why not. As long as more informed the personnel is in an enterprise, so much better outcomes has; and also this is a benefit for the enterprise.