The second concerned enterprise which has been interviewed was SANEF, a company specialized in the maintenance and exploitation of highways. We had to interview a maintenance technician to get the most relevant technical answers relative to renewable energies.


As far as the energy consumption is concerned in this sector, it is mainly electricity. But because the stations are set up too far from the networks of EDF, the French provider, it was essential to find a substitutive energy because the connection to the existing networks would have not been possible at an acceptable price. The RET used by SANEF is a hybrid wind/solar generator allowing to provide 100 % of the total requirements and needs of each plant.

For SANEF, the generator is used for two essential types of consumption : the first one is for the management of weather stations and the second one is for the tanks motorized floodgates. There is no resale of the surplus of energy.


The reasons of this investment were obviously technical and economical as mentioned before. The supplier of electricity has helped the SANEF to set up this process and the interviewee was not aware of other frame programs to fund the investment.  An external expert has been required.

The use of additional other renewable energies is probably possible but the interviewee could not answer precisely.

As far as the training subject was concerned, no specific courses have been required for the concerned persons of the enterprise. In case some were required it would probably be traditional system such as face-to-face courses.

There was no specific impact of the renewable energy use on the environment because this has been taken in account from the very beginning of the building of the stations and the conception of the process was totally included in the existing environmental context. SANEF did not enter an environmental standard process such as the ISO norm when the interview was done.


There was other very interesting experiences mentioned in the different questionnaires, especially in the field of tourism, but it has to be pointed out that it was quite difficult to detect enterprises which use those renewable energies and in addition to this, to obtain acceptation from the interviewees to shoot them during the questionnaires in order to participate in a video. That is the reason why the French coordinator has made the choice to describe the evidences by herself.