The enterprise is named « Les Catalpas ». Mr Michel Delage, the director of this private camping, is the person who answered the questionnaire. Les Catalpas is a company from the sector of tourism.

Mr Delage himself did not get any specific training about renewable energies and has the level of secondary education.


The usual kind of energies which are used are electricity and gas. As far as the renewable energies are concerned, « Les Catalpas » use a process of photovoltaic cells for the production of hot mater for the sanitary areas. The production and consumption of these energies can be up to 76 % and even 85 % in certain cases, except during the peak season where the level is lower. There is not resale of the surplus of the renewable energy.


Mr. Delage has chosen this kind of energy for environmental reasons. There was no specific program to fund this investment. The ADEME, French Energy Agency, has helped the enterprise and provided 60 % of the investment. The entreprise has been helped by an external expert consultant to set up the process.


The entreprise « Les Catalpas » can obviously use additional renewable energies such as solar solutions for thermic applications for example or eventually geothermal solutions.


The enterprise did not need or organised neither specific nor additional training courses on this new process and did not require to hire specialized employees. In the case they would need courses, it would be flexible learning either face-to-face or eLearning.


It has to be pointed out that generally speaking the enterprise is disappointed by the implementation of the RET because Mr DELAGE did not save money at the level it was expected.


In terms of impact, the entreprise « Les Catalpas » cannot answer in a positive way to the other questions of the interview considering that there was no specific process to enter the ISO standart or any other environmental one. Nothing to be mentioned also about the environmental impact. So Mr  DELAGE answered “no” to all the rest of the questionnaire.