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The major activity of the company is trade with fuels and propane-butane.


06:51 Small generators produce a small amount of electricity.

06:54 Wind appears for a certain period of time and then disappears, so that you either use it or not. If you use it in the small plant, you gain a little bit of it.

06:58 If you use the big one, it functions in the same range-from 3 up to 25 meters  per a second, but it will generate more megawatts.

07:17 Huge plants generate a lot more. They operate, using much more advanced equipment, they are optimized.


Q: Could you please explain about the association of the manufacturers of wind energy?


07:20 The association of the owners of wind plants is quite new-it started functioning two weeks ago.

07:30 Although we had submitted documents about It a long time ago, the final solution was announced now.

07:34 Now we will have a joint meeting, at which we invite you to be present at.

07:38 All the owners of wind plants will also be invited there.

07:41 The meeting will take place in the beginning of September.

07:48 The wish of our association is to help colleagues, who have a wish to construct a wind plant to avoid some mistakes regarding the construction of plants, coming to an agreement with the energy distributing system.

08:10 When bigger wind plants are constructed, it is necessary to be connected to а transmission line with power of 110 kW - that is represented by another company, so you should negotiate with The National Electric Company.

08:19 Furthermore what we can contribute with to our future colleagues success, is to share our knowledge, help with a piece of advice, information consulting for constructing those wind plants.


Q: Do you have the intention to insist on change of some of the regulation on national level in this sphere?


08:30 Not exactly change of the regulations, but a correction of it.

08:34 There are hampers we have already faced and we see that they should be removed with regulation changes, at some points requirements are more than it is possible to exist .That is why we should collaborate in order to wipe them out.

08:52 Certainly that will start in September, because we do not have any communication by now. I think September will be the right time to start, to eliminate these 2-3 obstacles in order to let things go smoother for those wishing to construct wind plants.

09:18 The signed contract should be for a longer period of time of purchasing the electricity. Contracts, signed in Bulgaria are valid for a year only.

09:29 The law, ensuring purchasing of electricity exists, but that is not enough.

09:42 There should be a specific contract, that the generated energy will be purchased.


Q: Is the purchase price sufficient?


09:48 Perhaps the present price should be 14 coins, not 12 as it is now.

09:52 Bulgaria is one of the countries with low prices of purchase of electricity –that is 6 cents .That is the only preference that manufacturers of energy of renewable energy sources receive - the price.


Q. Is there another preference?


09:56 The other preferences are for financing.

10:00 For funding but only of new plants there are loans up to 1,5 mln for any kind of renewable energy source –a loan bearing no interest.

10:09 No matter what kind of renewable energy source it is –a loan bearing no interest-20% guarantee is given by the European bank.


Q: Where do you receive information for these sources of funding of RES from?


10:17 Regarding wind generators we visit a specialized exhibition for wind plants and there we obtain information, and for funding we contact banks.

10:27 Meetings about alternative sources of energy are organized.

10:36 That is how we were informed about these implementation opportunities.


Q: How do banks respond to applying for a credit-relevantly for a wind generator?


10:42 We got the financing in this case as we acted in accordance with the fixed routine-with security for the loan-real estate mortgage.

10:46 You are given money, then you buy the plant.

10:49 The plant can not be mortgaged-it does not belong to the candidate for the loan.

10:52 In compliance with the law for the banks it can not be mortgaged.


Q: In your opinion is the system for green certificates in our country well developed?


11:00Тhe system for green certificates will be developed.


Q: Are for the manufacturers societies issued green certificates?


11:06 They will issue. Now we work on the question for uniting of manufacturers of electricity production in order to search for a market.


Q: Do you consider that a market in Bulgaria should be developed or it is better to trade abroad?


11:28 I will be able to answer that question in two or three months.

11:30 So far it is difficult in Bulgaria, because of lack of experience.


Q: How did you personally took the decision to construct e renewable energy source in that case wind  generator?


11:40 There are two ways leading to the decision.

11:43 One way is that we the contractors took the solution to invest in our company, to invest in wind electricity, because we see that this is a perspective business.

12:00 Bulgaria is a little bit late, but that is not inevitable.

12:11 I see now that banks also tend to finance such projects.

12:24 We are still working on the financing point, but we have a desire to construct two more plants.

12:34 Our project target is to elaborate at least 10 megawatts installed capacity.

12:42 That is ecologically clean energy and perspective in this business exists.


Q: Did you conduct your own survey or you engaged a consulting company?


12:47 We have contacted west consulting companies .

12:50 But they work at a very expensive rate - they charge about 30000 euro to study wind, separately you should buy all the necessary devises anemometer, tower , to provide security…

13:13 It is too expensive for the Bulgarian contractor.


Q: What were the major obstacles, when introducing the RES technology?


13:14 There were no obstacles, but even there was an assisting by the energy distribution system in Stara Zagora, represented by engineer Masurev.

13:22 We did not have to wait for the fixed time to pass, but we were connected preliminary.

13:28 The obstacle could arise because of the fact, that according to the law, connection to the grid could be executed in term of up to one year.

13:40 If these people were not CONSCIENTIOUS to us, to understand in the most decent way that we have invested there, they could have made us wait for a long time.

13:50 The legitimate term is one year.

13:53 This term may be should be changed and a more flexible form for it should be found.


Q: Do you have reports, showing how much is the annual maintenance cost of a generator with a capacity of 400kW?


13:54 May be 600 up to 1000 leva annually.

13:57 We mean the maintenance, to change the oil, the grease, expenditures for traveling to the site, the labour of the management .


Q: And what is the percentage of usage, you achieve?


14:00 10-12%.


Q: Do you reckon it is necessary managers of small medium size enterprises to be educated, how to introduce technologies of RES?


14:02 There should be such specialists, but this is a conversation for hours.


Q: How do you think it is better – to be educated in an institute or in the process of work?


14:09 They should be preliminary educated.

14:12 There is a volume of material they need to know – about mechanics and electronics.

14:15 There are plants with or without speed boxes, there is HYDRAULICS and etc…

That is from a technical point of view. According to you how can managers, owners of companies be persuaded to invest their own money in projects about renewable energy sources.

14:36 They should not be persuaded, but they should by themselves come upon the decision to invest.

14:40 It depends what kind of a business manager has.

14:42 He should have a stable business.

14:49 Here there is a permanency in the business.

14:56 In Bulgaria there are such strong winds in the upper parts of the mountains and they are stronger than the winds on the Black sea coast.


Q: What about providing a transmission line?


15:16 There is at some places. It could be constructed for a big park for example, 8-10 megawatts, a 10 km long transmission line is not so expensive.


Q: Do you consider using other RES as a source of electricity, apart from a wind turbine –Photolotaic cells. Do you consider a hydro power plant?


15:23 We think may be for HPP, but that is a future plan.

15:27 Now we have a desire to expand that business.

15:31 We have projects about photovoltaics, but by the moment the price of purchasing the energy for that business is not sufficient for us.

15:40 The payback period for that price of purchasing the electricity-12 coins will be 20 years at the present stage of solar energy.

15:52 It is very expensive. The construction of a system costs 4-5 millions euro.


Q: Thank you for your attention.