Engineer Ivan Sybev  Tihow-power engineer, owner of the company “Ioana” ltd-the town of Sliven

Address :District Sliven ,municipal Sliven, town Sliven

Tel.code044,post code 8800

Street “Stefan Karadza”16A

For contacts: tel ++359 44 26901


The major activity of the company is production of corrugated cardboard and paper and cardboard packages


Experience: He has worked as a power engineer for 23 years.



28 plots, licensed for mounting wind generators on them.

He has two own wind generators with power 450kW and 550 kW


00:08 So far we have 28 plots with changed statute of the land, so that wind generators can be mounted on them.

00:16 The statute change gets ready for 6-7 months, after that building permission should be acquired.


Q: As a major activity, in which sector does your company operate?


00:27 The main function of our company is to produce corrugated cardboard and paper and cardboard packages, and machine building.

00:42 One of the plants is operating more than a year, the other 1-8 months.


Q: How did you come upon the idea to use wind generators as a renewable energy source? This is not typical for the region.


00:46 Apart from being unusual, it is also risky for Bulgaria.

00:50 First we started with measurement. It took us approximately one year.

00:54 We made by ourselves measurements (of the wind) in the Balkan, in the field, and on the Black sea coast.

00:58 We compared them and then we chose the most appropriate place for mounting the wind generators. There is wind only in the higher parts of the country.

01:06 There is mean annual wind of about 6,2 meters per second on Emona.


Q: Where did you get information for the wind generators from?


01:12.We started first on the Internet, walking to different places…

01:15.My profession is a power engineer. I know the systems and it is easier for me when there is a computer available.


Q: What is the annual usage of your plant?


01:20 We expected, the plant would work about 22-23% annually, but it turned out that it works 16% annually.

01:30 So the payback period for investments for a second hand plant is 4-5 years.

01:32 I suggested to my colleagues, who own plants, that we should unite in an association. This association can insist on state funding for purchase of equipment, rather than for higher prices of the electricity, because the new plants are expensive.


Q: How did you come upon the solution to construct a wind generator, rather than a Photovoltaic system. There is enough sunshine here.


01:52 That is something even more expensive. Plants are expensive and if the state does not apply some support, it would not work out.

02:01Our observations for a year and some months have shown that, wind in the upper part is over 7 meters per a second.

02:19 We have a diagram in the technical documentation.

02:26 Look at here: When wind is 7 meters –from 6 up to 7 meters , the plant generates 80 kW .At this point about 700 000 kW are generated annually(8760 hours. 80 hours = 700 000kW. That was how we envisaged the average annual production.


Q: Do you consider, that there should be a concrete training of managers, to help them realize, that it is a smart idea to purchase themselves already developed plots with a changed statute. Do you think it is necessary, these people to be educated, to be organized a specialized seminar for them, a more wide spread media performance. To wipe away their wrong opinion that this business is not worthy?


02:40 That should be done.


Q: Have you had an idea to satisfy your own company energy demand or just to sell to the National grid?


02:49 The price of purchasing ecologically clean electric energy is higher. Practically that is the only preference in Bulgaria in order to exist generation of Renewable energy sources energy - the price.

02:57.We consume electric energy to the total value of 3-4000 leva per a month. From both plants is generated such an amount of energy, that we gain 12000 leva per a month of it.


Q: What were the major obstacles when introducing the technology?


03:13 We had plenty of difficulties - first the banks did not trust us, second-the environmental professionals caused us some trouble.

03:23 I have been watching different places for more than a year. We needed to apply plenty of documents , in order to be determined , where will be the 200 quadrate meters, necessary for a plot , where the plant will be constructed. But these are the real laws in Bulgaria and we should comply with them.

It should be done in such a way that, one should need to have a permission just from the major architect.

03:46 To simplify the whole procedure, without having to pass through such moments like prearrangement and etc.

03:58 The weather is calm today. I wish you could hear the noise, but because of the calm weather today  we will not have the opportunity to see the way  of operation of the plant.

04:02 There is not any noise at all!


Q: What is the actual price of the wind turbine unit by the moment? You mentioned prices   have been increased –they are doubled now.


04:08 Yes. They are doubled or tripled. One plant I bought at the price of an average of 75000, the other one for 85000 euro. Average price of plants that I bought is 80000 euro.

04:15 Practically that is 150 euro per a kilowatt installed capacity.

04:21 Transport is very expensive. I paid 38000 euro for the transfer of just one of the plants.


Q: Was the connection to the grid done by you?


04:28 All was done by our company .I am a power engineer by profession.

04:32 You will never see these two plants pointing at the same direction.

04:37 Look at here what furrows there are. Wind is formed of the furrows. Notice how the trees are inclined –here you can see how the tree is inclined –that is caused by the permanent wind.


Q: You just sell the generated energy or you also buy for you own plant demand?


04:58 As it is according to the Bulgarian law when I purchase electric energy, I pay for it and they pay me the electricity, I have sold them.

05:09 Otherwise the plant should be supported by a generating set, so that when there is no wind the generating set should be switched on  and it will be the support. But considering the fact, that we are connected to the grid- there is no need of a generating set.


Q: What is the power at which the wind generator operates?


05:20 At 180 volts it generates electricity .There is electronics, that transforms the generated electric energy regarding  power and frequency, in order to suit the requirements.

05:28 Here you can see how much electricity has the plant produced this month - 28936kW.

05:37 This plant is a 550kW one. Look at how much it has produced - 722.618 kW since the moment it was mounted. And the price of the project is 80000 euro.  

05:37 That is an important fact to know, to take a solution for construction. The payback period of the investment is 4-5 years. After that the plant continues the process of operating and you have a net benefit.

05:46 Yes, that it is true .Besides it is easy to maintain this plant. If it operates 20-25 years, hen just the generator should be changed and nothing else.

05:52 Now the tower is high approximately 39 meters, but it is necessary to be 50-55 meters for operating (it would be best if it is 60 meters).

06:02The propellers should be bigger. Diameter 46-50 meters for normal operating is even a better decision. The coefficient gets from 16%-22,23%.

06:32 We should achieve the most effective way to generate electricity.

06:43 Even if that is done by small plants, they should be induced to operate with a capacity of over 25% of the nominal power , not with 15-16% as they do now.

These were for me the first experiments, from which I saw, understood and learned many things.